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Our victories are what keep us going

If someone said the word victory to us, what would pop into our minds? One thing that immediately jumps into my brain is a sports team taking down their rival or an army engaged in a fierce fight against an enemy state, taking land while they are on the path to victory. No matter what comes to our minds, the word is all-around positive. Everyone likes to feel some kind of victory. It makes us feel good about ourselves, and it also serves as a reminder of what we have done in the past and what we can do moving forward.

To paraphrase Les Brown, there are winners and losers, and there are people who havenít discovered how to win yet. I on the other hand only agree with the winners and the people who havenít discovered how to win part.

The truth is no one is born to lose because God Almighty made every single person with a purpose to fulfill in life. I know I have judged people and called them losers in the past, and that was wrong of me. I even called myself one on more than one occasion because I couldnít see the great and awesome plan that God had for me. I didnít know I would be used by him to touch thousands of lives every week. God is truly awesome.

So God doesnít make losers. I would agree with the fact that some people never do anything with the life that God has so graciously given to them. Some may say that qualifies them as a loser, but I would argue thatís only because they havenít discovered how to win yet.

All people need love. In fact we were made to give and receive love. People who never got their life on track could be the type of person who never worked hard, expecting others to do everything for them. Those are the kind of people that, unless something big happens to them, will always go around and around, going nowhere in life.

The other type of people are those who need to be reminded of past victories in their life. Itís a category we all fall under. It doesnít matter if we have our life on track or not. Life is difficult and can be downright depressing from time to time, and that is why we must be reminded of our past victories. Life is great when we are on top of the mountain, but life wonít allow us to live on the mountaintop all the time. Sometimes we fall back down and can barely remember our name. Thatís where remembering our victories will give us hope to carry on.

One day I was feeling like I was going through a dry time in my life. I couldnít really put my finger on what caused it. I just felt empty on the inside, like I was just going through the motion of living. It seemed like nothing was working for me at that time. It wasnít depression or anything like that, but I could feel that something deep within me was amiss. At first I just thought I was having a bad day, but it continued on throughout the week. To be honest, it felt like God had left me.

One day I got to thinking what if I took time to make a list of everything God had done for me over the years? See I know that God had never left me, but thatís not the way I felt. I fired up my laptop and got to work on what all he had done for me. I started by putting a number in front of each item as I listed them. I put some like God allowed me or God did such and such in my life, making sure I gave him the credit for everything. I stopped at 10 because by that time I was in awe of what he has done for me. You know thatís all it took to get me feeling better about myself.

Have you ever noticed that itís hard to remember all of our victories from the past? Those days, weeks, months or even years when things arenít going our way, itís very difficult to recount our past victories. We can even believe that the Lord has abandoned us and has stopped caring altogether.

I promise all my readers that the Lord above never stopped caring for one person throughout all of history, and he is not going to begin now. We should begin by asking him to bring back to our minds all the times he has helped us in the past. True victory is only found in the Lord, so we should ask him to help us recall the past victories in our lives.

Whenever he brings a victory back to our minds, we should write it down. If you are like me, youíre a busy person. That is why you need to keep a running list of all your victories. If you donít, you most likely will have a difficult time remembering them, and then what will you do in a time of trouble?

If need be, take the list and carry it around wherever you go. When you need to, take it out and recall what he has done for you in the past. Also, you may try taping it to your bathroom mirror so that it will be one of the first things you look at as you begin your day.

It is important we keep victories in front of us at all times to remind us what we and the Lord have overcome in the past.

Our victories are what keep us going. Show me a person with victories, and I will show you a person who can conquer the world.

Published: November 3, 2016
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