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This is the season to listen

Christmastime is upon us again. It seems like it was just spring not too long ago. I tell you it seems to me like the years are getting shorter and shorter as time goes by. When I was in high school, I couldnít wait to graduate and be done with school. Back then time seemed like it took forever and a day for that day to get here. Now Iíve been out of school for 11 years. Sometimes I honestly canít figure out where time goes. One minute itís New Yearís Day; the next itís Christmas. Time doesnít stand still for anyone.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Itís the one time when we can forget about ourselves for a change and focus on others. People are way too selfish. Their only care in the world is themselves. They donít have time for other people, and they often feel others only get in the way.

Christmastime seems to cut through all that selfishness and for a time put our focus on others and not ourselves for a change. The spirit of generosity is in the air. It is a time to help one another, forget about our own needs and put other peopleís needs first.

Yes sir, Christmas is, in my mind, the greatest time of the year. Unfortunately for some Christmas is the saddest time of the year also. Some people wonít be with their families this Christmas season for a number of different reasons: Either they are overseas in the military, they have to work, they are out of state, one side is too bullheaded to let go of wrongdoing or a loved one has sadly passed away. Christmas is a time to have joy and be glad, but for those families joy and gladness seem out of reach. What, if anything, can we do to encourage them this Christmas season?

It is heartbreaking to hear of people who donít have families to celebrate Christmas with. If you are like me, you have no idea what to say. We know that they are hurting inside, but we also know there are no magic words to take all the pain and hurt of not being with loved ones who are gone. We feel so guilty that we are spending the day with our loved ones. The case may be that they will spend the day with loved ones, but there will be an empty spot at the table this year.

We all can encourage people who will have someone missing at their table by writing them a note, sending them a card, putting ours arms around them and letting them know we are praying for them. I know we donít do this often, but just telling them we love them may go a long way and be what they need to hear.

It makes me kind of mad that we are not allowed to tell people we love them at moments when they need to hear someone cares. Love is not just romantic or for family. Love also can be a way of saying we care and we are there for the person no matter what.

We need to listen more than we talk. People love talking and giving their opinion to everyone, but the truth is when somebody is hurting, our opinion doesnít matter. You and I will not help anybody who is grieving over the loss of a loved one by telling them how to cope. The best thing we can do is just listen and tell them that we care. People who are hurting on the inside just want someone to listen to them, and thatís it. We donít have to give them a mind-blowing revelation. Just let them have an ear to show them you care. After all isnít that what Jesus calls us to do, love one another?

Published: December 5, 2016
New Article ID: 2016712029976