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Helping another this Christmas season

ďChristmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, itís Christmas.Ē ó Dale Evans.

We all know life is hard, and sometimes it can be downright mean and nasty. I mean come on life. Give us a break from time to time. Itís like now during the Christmas season canít people just have a break from all their troubles, worries and fears? At least until after the new year, then all our worry can come back, but at Christmas we should have some rest from all our troubles. It would be nice if life worked that way, but thatís only a dream. Too bad.

It is in our nature to worry and have fear. Even Jesus himself promised us we will have trouble in this world. That is the only promise I wish he would break because letís be honest. Who wants troubles? I know I donít. Unfortunately troubles are a part of life. We must learn how to take both good and bad. Even writing this makes me kind of sad because I want a problem-free life, but if we had a problem-free life, we wouldnít need him. However, while he promises us we will have trouble, he also promises never to leave nor forsake us, and that is a promise we can take to the bank and cash.

We all should know by now that our troubles make us stronger and teach us how to endure the storms of life. Without troubles most of us would have no idea what we are made out of. Sure we can act and talk tough, but to be truly tough, we must be put to a test. Unless we go through troubles, we will never be truly tough. Yet my question is a simple one: Why must we go through troubles even at Christmastime? Canít we all be marry and glad during this time? There are 11 months during the year to be sad and gloomy. Canít we have at least one month to be happy?

When I think of Christmas, I think of joy, gladness and people being with their families. Yet for many who are dealing with some kind of pain and hurt, Christmas is anything but those. We as a community of believers can help the hurting people around us. Itís more than dropping money in the plate at church or helping in other financial ways although that is important as well. We live in a money-driven world. Even when we think about helping others, it often comes down to giving money. Giving money is good, but itís not the only thing we have to offer.

What about our time? Our time is one of the most valuable assets we have, but many of us are so selfish with our time we only think about ourselves. After all itís our time. What if we started to invest it into other people? We all know people who have lost a loved one, their job, have had surgery not too long ago or are in a nursing home. Go pay them a visit. Bring them some Christmas cheer this season.

I know what you are thinking: Who has the time? How much do we watch television, play on our phones or surf the web for mindless things? See my point.

So much of what we do in our free time is worthless. We donít have to watch three hours of TV every night. We donít have to get on Facebook and look at everyoneís drama. Go and see an old friend who is down on his/her luck or someone who lost the love of his/her life. I can tell you right now they will be glad to see you.

So many of us feel like we wonít know what to say to people who lost something in their life. Sometimes just being there for them is enough to brighten their day. We can watch TV with them, play cards or other games together, ask them if they need anything done around the house or just make ourselves available to them when we can.

If we know a person who doesnít have any place to go for Christmas for whatever reason, how much trouble would it be to invite them over to have Christmas with our family? They might not be family, but it would cheer them up. Christmas is about becoming selfless and opening our hearts to others in need. We can still do our Christmas traditions, just include our guest as well. What kind of price will we pay to adjust our plan to make someone else marry for one day? If we would do those things, I know we will be blessed in a big way.

Published: December 8, 2016
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