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Standing on the authority we have through Jesus

I love to hear testimonies of people hearing the Word, receiving what it says and standing on what it says until they see victory manifest into whatever their situation of need may be. And I believe it is important to remember those victories and share them with others. We never know how our testimony can help someone else who is in need reach their victory.

If you are a faithful reader of my column, you will remember Eva and her story I shared a few months ago of victory through learning the truth that God wanted her healed, receiving prayer for healing and believing that she was healed, then using the authority she had through Jesus over her sickness when it tried to come back. Iím so glad Eva willingly allowed me to share her story because it was her story God used to answer the prayer of a dear woman who was desperately seeking an answer.

God works through us, and when we yield to his Spirit leading us and put aside ourselves so we can be used by him, we can touch people in ways we never thought possible. That is the reason Katie is allowing me to share her story because she knows God wants her to share in hopes someone else can be transformed and set free from sickness the way she has been.

In October of 2016 Katie was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a very painful disease that is also commonly referred to as ďthe suicide disease.Ē Katie was going to various doctors and had many friends, family and church members praying for her. Praise God for the boldness of her chiropractor who knew the truth about healing, shared it with Katie and then laid hands on her and prayed for her.

On Thanksgiving Day, just a little over a month after being diagnosed and shortly after being prayed for, Katie knew there was a change in her. Five days later all the symptoms and pain had left her body. But if you havenít learned this already, Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), and he will attempt to try to steal healing from a person. Katie didnít realize this. She didnít think he would attack the same area again that he had before, and so after having no symptoms for several days, Katie started slowly having symptoms of the disease again.

It started out as two or three attacks a day and then became almost a full-blown manifestation of the disease again. Katie was rebuking it but was struggling with fear and unbelief and started doubting. To try to counter her unbelief, she put healing scriptures all around her house and would speak those out whenever she saw them. She can now see how the Holy Spirit led her to do that as he was setting her up for her much needed breakthrough by having her sow the seeds of truth in her heart and mind.

Near the end of December Katie earnestly cried out to God to show her what was missing, to give her a much needed answer. Minutes after her prayer she received a phone call from her sister asking if she had read the Bargain Hunter that day. After Katie told her she hadnít, her sister told her to read my article about Eva right away and then hung up on her. (I guess she meant business!)

Katie immediately read the article and was in complete shock of the reality of the exact answer to her prayer. ďHow can this be exactly what I am praying for?Ē

The article confirmed to Katie that she was already healed and woke her up to the fact that the devil was trying to take that from her but he had no authority to do so. A fiery indignation rose up on the inside of her, and she renounced the devil and his sickness and took authority over it. She knew she was healed, and he had no legal right to bring sickness back into her body. She stood on the truth, and after two days the symptoms went away.

He is very persistent and has tried to attack her again on several occasions, but now Katie is firmly grounded in the truth and rebukes the symptoms and the devil himself if the attacks come. She knows who she is and what she has got and is walking in the fullness of what Jesus died for her to have.

Can you see how important it is for believers to be grounded in the Word so we can counter his attacks and maintain the victory Christ bought for us? Stay tuned as I have more to share about Katie and the revelation God has shown her that has truly set her free.

Published: April 3, 2017
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