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We have elected to keep our grass at a weed-hiding level

All houses want to have beautiful settings, and a lush lawn is one of their favorites. And our house is no exception. She wants an even, green expanse bordered by gardens. This we have given her, and she loves it. In the process of keeping our house happy, we have made more work for ourselves than originally anticipated.
With all the rain we’ve had, our grass is experiencing a growth spurt seldom seen before. To keep our lawn looking good, the grass needs to be mowed at least every four days, but mowing the grass exposes that bane of all lawn lovers: weeds.
At least when a bit overgrown, the grass hides the weeds, so we have elected to keep our grass at a weed-hiding level, and it’s working. Our house is happy, and the lawn looks great.
Unfortunately our gardens, staunchly defended by 2 inches of mulch, endured a ferocious assault by a mysterious weed I haven’t been able to identify. It’s not very big, but it is prolific.
One day our well-mulched gardens were a joy to behold; the next day those same gardens were filled with an invasive plant that grabbed hold and threatened a hostile takeover. Such an invasion called for that most feared weapon of all weeds: a sharpened hoe. It took a lot of energy, sweat and determination, but those evil weeds were defeated, and our gardens would live to bloom another day. 
We are very hopeful the weed wars are over. Our house is so happy with her yard, and we are so exhausted from defending it. Next year we will give serious consideration to artificial sod and small container gardens.

Published: May 15, 2017
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