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In the end it is worth trusting

Life is worth living, but sometimes it is downright hard. I know in my own life once I think I have something figured out, life throws me another curve ball.
We get the feeling we only have a little bit further to go, so we steer toward the shore line, and in the last leg we can already feel the sand in between our toes. Maybe we have been at sea for quite some time already and just long to see our loved ones.
Three-hundred more feet to go, we can feel their warm embrace. Two-hundred more feet to go, we are thinking about climbing into our nice, comfortable bed. One-hundred more feet to go, we can see our loved ones coming into sight. We can hardly wait to hug them. 
Finally we can't take it anymore and we jump off the boat. Our excitement wins against the best of our judgment. We start swimming. With every stroke we can see our family getting closer and closer, and then all of the sudden an undercurrent comes and tries to take us out to sea.
At first we try our best to fight it, but the more we fight, the more fatigued we become. Then we remember we must swim parallel with the shore to escape the undercurrent. We do so until we can safely make it to shore and be reunited with our love ones. 
Is that the way we feel from time to time? We are so close to where we want to end up that we lose sight of the little things, or better yet we refuse to wait on God's perfect will and timing. If we would have just stayed on the boat, we would have been in our loved one's arms without trying to swim against the undercurrent.
I mean how dumb can we be to only care about the big picture? Who cares that there is 100 feet of ocean between us and our family? We take matters into our own hands and do it ourselves. I mean Mighty Mouse could do it, right?
That is just it. We are not Mighty Mouse. We don't need to be Mighty Mouse; all we really need is to wait on God.
I believe the hardest part of life is waiting on God long enough for him to give us an answer. We do sometimes wait on him but only until we get antsy. Then like jumping off the boat, we take matters into our own hands.
When we take matters into our own hands, we get tossed from wave to wave, trying desperately to keep our head above water. Then we do something that makes me chuckle: When we fail, some of us blame God, like God is the reason behind us not waiting and letting him work things out for us.
In May my parents, my girlfriend and I went to Myrtle Beach for a nine-day vacation. For me things have been a little crazy in my life, so it was nice to get away for awhile. We went in a nice, spacious motor home. One side of the live/dinning area slides out, making more than enough room for all of us.
The cool thing about the campground we stayed at, beside being huge, was it butted up right against the beach. From where we camped, it was only a three- to five-minute walk to the beach. 
I went to the beach as much as I was able to. Sometimes all four of us went, other times it was my girlfriend and me, and sometimes I just got some me time, walking alone on the beach.
While I looked out onto the beautiful, vast ocean, I couldn't help thinking about how powerful God is. I felt so small standing there watching and listening to the waves break. It was just awesome. It made me think about how God is in control of everything and how much we need him.
I began to wonder how I saw God. Do I see him as an impotent god who can't work in the life of his children, or do I see him as a god who can work everything out for his honor and glory?

Published: July 6, 2017
New Article ID: 2017170709958