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September has arrived with fall just weeks away

September signals the end of summer, and every year we go through the same thing: little to no rain during the month of August. And because our house takes great pride in her lawn and gardens, we must run up our water bill to keep her happy.
This year we did have some spotty rain but nowhere near enough. The lawn is a bit yellow, and the flowers are drooping.
When we can’t stand it any longer, we pull out the hose and begin to spew money in the form of water all over the lawn and the flower beds. It helps, but we really need a good downpour to satisfy their moisture needs. 
The grass looked bedraggled, but the weeds looked green and healthy. Why is that?
But September has arrived, and fall is just weeks away. Once fall sets in, the lawn will take second place to mulching the gardens. 
August drew to a dry close, and then September slapped us with a gully-washing, mulch-moving, thunder-booming storm that terrified both house and dogs and kept us awake. The gushing rain was welcomed even though all that lovely mulch so carefully scattered in the flower beds now resides in a pile at the foot of the garden. What a muddy mess! 
Of course there is usually a good side to most things. As a result of the downpour, our abode got a lovely shower, freeing her roof of fallen twigs and leaves. Her deck is clean as a whistle, the grass is greening and the zinnias are bursting with blooms.
For the moment our house is clean and bright and happy. Or will be, just as soon as we get all that mulch moved back into place. Wonder if mulch can be glued in place?

Published: September 11, 2017
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