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Grant will provide out-of-county services

Community Action Wayne/Medina announced that it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the North Canton Medical Foundation. The funding will be used to provide free out-of-county medical transportation to those who qualify.
The North Canton Medical Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of the communities it serves through collaborations and financial support. The foundation awards grants to organizations that focus on programs or services that will have a positive impact on the health and wellness of people in its service area, which includes Wayne County.
“We recognize that transportation barriers continue to be a major challenge in this community, especially for our low-income neighbors,” said Melissa Pearce, CAW/M president/CEO. “We are grateful for this investment by the North Canton Medical Foundation and the partnership this grant will leverage to meet medical-access needs.”
This grant will be used in conjunction with a $10,000 grant from the Austin Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation, whose focus is to support programs that promote the physical and mental well-being of the citizens of Holmes, Stark, Tuscarawas and Wayne counties.
The free out-of-county medical transportation program is open to Wayne County residents who are at 80 percent of the Wayne County annual median income, which is $32,950 for a single-person household and $37,650 for a two-person household. Medical transportation can include both physical and mental health appointments as well as dental surgery appointments.
Anyone seeking assistance needs to apply with economic assistance staff at CAW/M. Appointments can be made by calling 330-264-8677, or walk-in appointments are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8:15 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at the Wooster office, 905 Pittsburgh Ave.
The following documentation will be needed for the appointment: a state-issued photo ID, Social Security cards for all household members and proof of all sources of income from the past 90 days.
Once approved, the applicant’s trip will be arranged by economic assistance staff with arrangements made at least 24 hours in advance of the medical appointment. Applicants also can have a friend or family member accompany them to their appointment free of charge. Wheelchair-accessible transportation also is available. When scheduling a ride, information about wheelchair size and weight will be needed.
For more information call the Wooster office at 330-264-8677.

Published: October 12, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171019958