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Some house illnesses are harder to find

A few days ago our house got a shocking diagnosis: She was suffering from a mild case of radon poisoning. She and we were stunned.
Radon? Who knew?
Actually Ohio is a radon haven. It’s everywhere. Our poor house exhibited no symptoms. She seemed healthy and happy without a care in the world except her usual desire for new carpet, some paint and an update or two. But that is very normal for houses.
Well, our job is to care for our house, so treatment was ordered and a very nice radon doctor rushed in to rid our abode of her illness. She is now cured and very relieved that the cure was so painless for her but rather expensive for us.
Houses are vulnerable to so many illnesses. It is just difficult to keep track of all of them. We had one house that had a weepy roof, but no one could find the source of those tears.
Turned out the roof was fine. One of the gutters was packed with “stuff,” which backed rain water into the attic, which hid under a layer of insulation. It was a sneaky leak, but my Taller Half found it and got it fixed. 
Another illness houses really hate is a rodent in the wall. That happened years ago in a house our family loved. No one knows how that rat got into the wall, but got in he did and created bedlam.
That house was so embarrassed at this rat-in-the-wall illness that she even tried to hide the critter.
My mother cured our abode of its embarrassing pain with a golf club. The rat crept from the wall late one night to search the kitchen for available snacks. My mother found it there, took aim and drove that critter into the night right through the screen door.
Problem cured; no cost incurred, except for replacing the screen in the door. A great drive by any standards.
Because houses are subject to a plethora of illnesses and pains, it’s a very good idea to give your domicile a thorough physical on a regular basis. If a problem is caught early enough, it may be fixable without a huge outlay of cash.
You can count on some cost unless you’re really good with a golf club.

Published: March 12, 2018
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