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Time to say goodbye to this house

Even though she is demanding and rather self-centered, we love our house and believe she loves us. Humans and houses live together so intimately, knowing all of each other’s secrets and foibles. It makes for a very close relationship.
Now our house will soon have a new owner, er, occupant, and she will learn to love them as she has loved us. We will miss her very much but will be moving into another house, falling in love all over again. We won’t live far away and hope we’ll be invited to visit occasionally.
Years ago when we kids were growing up, our family moved fairly often. We learned to adjust to a new house every two or three years. Kids are very adaptable, though I often wondered how those poor houses felt.
One house, an old Craftsman style, was different. It wrapped its walls around us and held us all close. We all loved that house and lived there longer than any other. Many tears were shed when we had to leave four years later. When one of my siblings built her dream house, it looked very like that house we all loved.
A Craftsman-style house is still my very favorite design, though to be totally honest, I do prefer a more open floor plan. And as we have gotten older, we found that we don’t need nor want that much square footage. A small house on a small lot suits us just fine.
Finding such a place is difficult to say the least. A small house generally has small closets and not a lot of those. We need big closets and lots of them. The small houses we’ve looked at live on generous-sized lots with a good deal of yard work required. Though I love my gardens, my Taller Half views yard work as a punishment to be endured, and he does not suffer quietly. 
We will never find the perfect house, no matter how hard we look. The perfect house just doesn’t exist, though every house will claim perfection. We will find our next place, and she and we will fall in love, hopefully with each other.

Published: April 16, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180419978