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A plan that will benefit us all
Thank you for the opportunity to compete for a portion of your advertising budget. Thank you also for the business you have given us over the years. Your business is important to us and your success is vital to the local economy, as well as to the success of Graphic Publications Inc.

Our objectives are:
1) To build a strategy using a combination of GPI products and services that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

2) To bundle them into a package that will allow you to leverage your advertising investment by offering the deepest discounts on the GPI products and services that you ultimately decide to purchase.

3) To help you increase revenue and market share in both local and outside markets.

4) To allow you to increase your presence, build more strategic equity, and reduce redundant spending and overlap through the elimination of media that offer products and services that we can provide to you more effectively, efficiently and affordably.

To accomplish this we propose:

1) An increased presence in our weekly publications, with a tie-in with the web component connected to these publications.

2) A consistent, strategic presence in Mimi Vanderhaven.

3) A monthly presence in Ohio’s Amish Country magazine with a continuing presence and relationship with OACountry.com.

The rationale for what we are proposing is:

1) It offers you maximum coverage and exposure in local counties and select, upper income communities in the affluent Cleveland suburbs throughout Cuyahoga, Summit and Medina Counties with limited duplication in circulation or gaps in coverage.

2) It offers you continued exposure to the travel and tourism market through the established and growing readership of Ohio’s Amish Country magazine.

3) The combination of print and web involving multiple markets, products and services, offered through a single provider, allows you to benefit from the largest volume discounts creating a powerful, focused and cost effective marketing tool that will help you increase market share along with sales and profits.

In conclusion, we view this proposal as a starting point. In the final analysis, whatever we do for you must support your marketing challenges and objectives. And so, we are flexible and open to discussing any combination of GPI products and services toward that end.

For more information, please contact Clint Alguire

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